Our approach


We advise high net worth and often accredited investors with liquid assets of $1M or more to invest. We undertake numerous services and considerations to make financial matters seamless for our affluent clients and follow through to ensure all strategies get executed.


Prudent financial management. These can involve tax-effective solutions to avoid probate costs, family trusts and/or adult children’s trusts, and insurance to protect your family’s income flow (many people think insurance is tax planning—it’s not)

Transferring wealth. We transition your assets to children and to grandchildren with a minimum of probate taxes and stress on the family dynamics. This may involve testamentary trusts or family trusts, corporate structuring, creditor proofing, and succession planning. We work closely with trustees and help you choose new ones as seniors pass away. With sensitivity, we make financial decisions and transitions as easy as possible. Taking the emotion out financial decisions, we provide estate and tax-planning structures that create an equitable plan.

Minimizing tax. We minimize your tax burden through flow-through shares, reducing clawback of Old Age Security payments and provide tax loss selling at the end of each year to offset capital gains tax payable or to receive a tax refund. We coordinate with your accountant and tax lawyer to provide the financial data they need to file your returns.

Mitigating risk. We will help protect your assets from investment risk and also protect your family’s ability to earn income through insurance in the event of a critical illness or death of a primary income earner. We cover tax liabilities so you are prepared for the cost of transferring a business or vacation property to the next generation. Large asset bases can attract large debt, so liability management is key. We identify good debt from bad, and help you deal with banks to get the best interest rates and customized solutions.

Coordinating your advisors. Too many advisory teams work in isolation. We coordinate the services of your professional team or introduce you to professionals we trust. We streamline your Net Worth Management so your wealth enhances your life, not overwhelms it.

If you work in the US or own assets south of the border, we will provide your accountant with the necessary details to ensure that you file the appropriate tax returns and streamline financial complications arising from earning cross-border income or dividends.

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."

— Alex Haley